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Animation List
Shoot the Evangelist - Game
Shoot the Evangelist
Little Orange Donut
Poor Little Orange Donut <br>NEED FLASH SIX PLUGIN
Mac & Cheese
My Cat Sam 2
Wolfbane - Poetry
Flash Music Video
Lord Of The Lasagna
The Great Hernando
Dippy & Slappy
My Cat Sam
Old Thompson Bob
Help Mojo Game
Bessie and Harold
Willie Lamechops
The Thinking Man
Big Daddy Neal

This can't be explained
Tale of a man who loves his TV 
and is very disheartened when it doesn't work properly TV Blues- 6.4 megs-with sound
TV Blues- 2.8 megs-real player-no sound
More Sammy Adventures

These are in java format and take a few to download.
(also may not work in some browsers.)
SAM HAM Wise Booji
No Fuss Gus's first adventure - format is java
No Fuss Gus

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